Golden Diskó Ship – Prehistoric Ghost Party (Klangbad)


Theresa Stroetges’s one woman band, Golden Diskó Ship is a bit of a tour de force of chaotic punk inflected multi-instrumentalist experimentation and expressionist frenzy. There is a strong sense of the expressionist in the lyrical content which covers areas on sexuality, sketches of life, personal longing and desire. The style of vocal delivery is multi-faceted from the direct to the whimsical with effects hanging out dissolving voice into wisps, shadows and echos highlighting the ever present human frailty in the almost disturbing energetic swirl of the music. Content in the music is varied from a wide vocabulary of found objects and sounds to drum machines, acoustic guitar, upright piano, drums, electronics and a strong hold on the art of sampling.

While it is definitely a studio album the idea that it is close to a live act is strongly conveyed and conjured up is the idea of a carnivalesque attenuated human with musical appendages frantically spinning out fragments of a life through a grap bag of techniques advanced, lo-fi and acoustic. A good example of this description is ‘My exgirlfriends new boyfriend‘ which rawly exposes her life and plays with electronic tones in modulation her voice played though multi-effects and samples of almost mumbles distorted as if thorough a mouth organ or Jews harp. Other tracks incorporate distortions, hiss, and noise detritus from the familiar vocabulary of the glitch or ambient noise musician but it plays as an affectation to her sturdy musicianship and vocal play.

Prehistoric Ghost Party is an exciting early album from an musician who is no doubt energetic and captivating live. It is sure to appeal to people who have or do identify with neo-punk cyber grlll ideas mixed with an indie acoustic prowess.



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