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The West Coast has been well represented of late, and although DOS4GW has relocated from Perth to Melbourne, he’ retained the same heat he was emanating from the far west. While the rest of the world laps up on dodgy wonky rhythms, or massive bass drop bastardized dubstep, DOS4GW finds his faith in overloaded electronics, skirting the worlds of hip hop, dubstep, and 8bit mayhem. The sound is large, the drums are hard, and the electronics are deranged.

Suicide has been on the cards for some time, but the music industry isn’ what it used to be, and artists like DOS4GW are not being snapped up by the coolest of record labels, an unbelievable truth that will hopefully be rewritten soon. DOS4GW produces some of the best electronic hip hop/beats/splatterstep there is on this planet, you can see him being picked up by labels such as Warp Records or Brainfeeder, this is world class sonic sculpture.

“You Know Who You Are” kicks off with a mammoth drum break, this guy hitting his drum kick with some guster, while overloading bass frequencies and post-rave stabs bore into your brain, breaking everything down to its raw elements before bringing everything back into the mix. “Weep” continues the theme, doubling up on the beats and hi-hats, a menacing electronic tone dissolves into the next track, “Mind Made Up”, all bliss and reflection, subtle treated piano refrains and somber bass tones. “In Cert” opens like a 2012 remake of Goblin, 8bit bouncing, pulsating electronics, before a hefty hip hop beat kicks in, and the drone of androids. A swagger of drunken synth lines, illuminate the sonic overload. “440” resurfaces from the first demo DOS4GW ever sent me, this time with what seems like even more synths, as if that’s possible… This track was one of the first “experimental’ dubstep tunes I ever heard, I remember at the time it blew my mind, later to be used for I mix commissioned by Monday Jazz, it still sounds fresh today, a timeless factor that most of the genre has lost already.

And if the above words don’ make you want to part with your dollars for something I can’ recommend more, you just have to have it, you can donate to the don Hugo, or grab it for free. I know I love DOS4GW, so I was more than happy to name my price, you have to support, I compel you to do the same. I still feel I am just scraping the surface of DOS4GW, which just leaves me wanting to hear more. Sonically spiritual.

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Wayne Stronell


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