Various – Sequence 2 (Sequence)


The Sequence blog distributes their second free sampler of ambient experimental music – a longer affair than the first coming in at 43 tracks and includes lesser known artists than the first compilation. Familiar names to readers may be Maps and Diagrams, This Quiet Army, Pascal Savy, Seaworthy, Damien Valles and Zvuka. It is however a collection whose starting point is from emergent artists small labels and net labels working in the ambient experimental area with emphasis on the areas of drone, electronicia and textured noise. Notable variations from this inclination are Felecia Atkinson whose use of voice creates an otherworldly disembodied sense that may enthuse some or just appeal to the technical appreciation. Beautiful Bells ‘Panic Attack 2’ offers a skittish hip hop beat laden scratch and paste affair with morse code like tonal warblings and severely broken glitch beats. Seaworthy lays in with the gleaming drones of ‘a favorite path’ which delivers four and a half minutes of high tonal wavering with hints of static and a reverent attitude. Borealis delivers an oddity for the compilation with the beat heavy ‘Skyhall’, building on choral effects it builds an insistent drum and rim beat which shatters the general calm of the pace within the compilation. Similarly Nils Fram and Anne Muller Cello and piano with electronics style of glitched out composition takes sampology into weird spaces in search of it’s beat structure and wild ride with acoustic instruments, field recordings and psyche sounds. Also a treat if the minimal piano track , ‘That Distant Morning’ by Micheal Oldham which circles a notes rising and falling and surrounds it with a drawn out tones and a melody all anchored to it’s center.

It is a long generous collection that covers a good deal of contemporary experimentation in the general field without insisting on a unifying aesthetic. Beat of all it is free to download here.



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