The Electric Golem – Sky Snails (Periphery)


Trevor Pinch, one half of the duo, The Electric Golem, is a professor of Science and Technology as well as Sociology at Cornell University. Also the author of a book on synthesiser technology, Analog Days: The invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesiser. James Spitznagel, an all round techno-polygot, part digital photographer, part sonic experimentalist and founder of the Level Green experimental art imprint. The concentration of this pair is modes of generation and patterning of music as well as experimentation at the fringes of music. They are predominately concerned with generative music and wield an array of devices from the Evolver, Mopho, tenori-on, Nintendo Dsi, iPod Touch, and the Orb Sequencer.

Sky Snails is a three track album of lengthy explorations of sonic possibilities that explore notions of tone glitch, frequency and pulsation. The first track, ‘What Watson Doesn’t know‘, has nods to psychedelic mindscapes with patterned static, pulsating waves, loose throws of synth pulsations, static beats and wavering tonal frequencies. ‘Sky Snails Part One’ is a darker ambient piece concentrating in the bass elements with squelched synth distortions and atypical beat structures which eventually tone down and the track becomes an ambient space piece with an evolving battered beat struggling to achieve pattern. ‘Sky Snails Part Two‘ lends more towards the space epic, with its uprising bright tones emerging from a thinner and lighter scape. It moves into a delicate ambience before attempting epic and heroic choral electronic motifs ending in a squelching ambivalence.



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