Buckminster Fuzeboard – Funny Noises (Psychonavigation)


Dave Fuller released his debut album, ‘How to make C60 BR24′ in 1998 to some acclaim and found a champion in Kid Koala whose continued support included a track on a recent podcast mixing it with the likes of Bjork, Radiohead and Boards of Canada. “Funny Noises’ his second album is the product of thirteen years preparation and is a prime example of the liquid ambient psychedelic electronic album.

The real question you could ask about the trajectory of his musical development is has it? The beats are mellow hip hop verging on the narcotic feel of trip hop and there is a wide atmospheric effects field that forms the psychedelic ambient form. It is as stepping back in time to a chill out room to hear music around the time the Orb ruled these spaces. That is not to say that it is an inelegant album, the aesthetic is fluid and floats between styles with an aplomb. The bass is warm and the atmosphere is a lush affair, it is laid back to an extreme and has depth in it’s scape that is a skill achieved by few. More concretely the album is composed with a sample driven approach, a focus on hip hop and ambient dub beats welded together with electronic melodic synth scapes, sound effects and samples that suggest the strange or at least affected state of consciousness. It maintains a focus on the strange within consciousness, a celebration of the freak scene and altered states. In terms of production skills the album is slick, excellent timing of changes, well-wrought effects and the overall composition of sounds creates an audio canvas that evokes the heights of electronic ambient dub psychedelic sound.



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