Talvihorros – Descent into Delta (Hibernate)


Talvihorros is the guitar-driven moniker of British composer Ben Chatwin, through which he explores numerous techniques to coax a myriad of sounds from both electric and acoustic guitars. He creates dense and dark sound collages augmented with organ, harmonium, mandolin, bells, synthesizer and waves of electronic static. Talvihorros performs live with just an electric guitar and an array of effects pedals and has previously shared the stage with the likes of Tim Hecker, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Stephan Mathieu and Ian Hawgood.

‘Descent into Delta’ opens quietly and layers of guitar and sound are built into an ominous presence as Chatwin plays melodic guitar effects against deep noise, slight grunge and effects into the mix. The dramatic and slightly dark foreboding in sound wall can play with the mind as to the portent of the album yet it is best kept in mind that thematically it is the exploration of wave frequencies created in the sleeping brain and a sonic exposition of the stages of sleep and wakefulness. Much could be made such content, perhaps to reading psychological journals, documenting such matters, while listening, may flesh out ‘Gamma’, ‘Beta’, ‘Alpha’, ‘Theta’ and ‘Delta’ states of mind to compare with the depiction in sound. Or you could consider the pieces as evocative canvasses for a guitarist to weave together threads of static, flashes of bright melodic mandolin patterns, against hewn noise fragments and the long effects pedal drawing out static moment s into longevity. Keeping in mind that it is a collection of live improvisations edited and selected over time, pieced together in the constructions that have a wrought presence that speaks beyond the improvisors art to that of artist/producer eliciting fluid distinct sound artifacts. The final two tracks ‘Theta’ and ‘Delta’ explore the deeper states and contain long periods of resonant humming drones with tones skimming the surface as oscillations create the warmth of the atmosphere. It is a well conceived follow up to an impressive debut album, Chatwin hones the craft of constructing sound pieces and deepens his control over their expression whilst invoking an organic unity to the melding of improvisations.



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