Diger Rokwell – Sri Diger: remixes and beats from Lanka (The Community Records)


Sri Diger

Diger Rokwell has returned from a restful trip to Sri Lanka, and after months of studio time, has now released his latest limited edition Beat Tourism installment and follow up to Digerbodia. Sri Diger: remixes and beats from Lanka features the Veddah, Sinhalese, Moorish and Tamil sounds of the enchanted isle Sri Lanka, fused with beat science of this upcoming producer from Western Australia. The Perth scene seems vibrant, creative and fresh, and this release is another gem among The Community Records catalogue.

Diger Rokwell assembled the seven track EP with sampled radio, television, drums, recorded field recordings and bass interwoven with found Sri Lanka folk music. “Lion Rok” soothes with a ghostly chant underpinned by a subtle dubstep vibe, but all light with no darkness. ‘Galle’ lays down crisp Flying Lotus-esque keys, cleverly reversing the tones until they twist and turn to their own rhythm, exquisite, the stand out track for me. ‘Dharma Drums’ strips things back to basics, oldschool hip-hop, allowing each sample to shine. ‘Squirrel Jam’ takes things in a more Balearic direction, a psychedelic cosmic disco trip. ‘Jothipala Forever’ takes a straight dance beat and weaves flute, percussion, guitar twang and repeated vocal snatches to infect any discerning dancefloor. ‘Sri Sitar’ chops, edits and loops the mighty sitar over an infectious beat and heavenly voice. ‘Ella’ ends the journey with more sitar, but far more relaxed. Intriguing samples used throughout, mostly crisp and vibrant, but Diger Rokwell is not afraid to pepper his technology with lo-fi field recordings.

Diger breathes space into his samples and textures, which is what for me makes this a captivating journey, the source sounds nod heavily to Sri Lanka’s rich history, but the production firmly places this release in the now. Go on a journey, digital journey also available from the Diger Rokwell bandcamp page.

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