Ourobonic Plague – Spirits///Gremlins (Bandcamp)


Nick Sweepah, of the Perth based collective The Community lays down a two track tribute to an Australian film ‘Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds’ by Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City, I Robot) under the guise of Ourobonic Plague. Any cursory glance of their website will fairly much clue you into the concerns of this entity to being of Theosophical and occult interest, however this is not a description of the music rather of the creators of the music. If by a mode of praxis the theoretical concerns of the artist become embodied in their work and you accept this conceptual view then it is indeed a question you should ask yourself before becoming involved with such work.

Be that as it may as a signpost the work itself is composed of samples from the film and ‘Spirits’ puts forward a grunge laden drone scape, quite low-fi and lacking in dynamics it warps the sounds and adds a certain amount of modulated synth action in a mode that suggests a certain unhinged sensibility. Of course it may just be ‘experimental’ and these weary ears are merely interpreting it as dirge, but you can check it out on bandcamp and see if it is worth the ‘pay whatever you like price’. The second track of the ep ‘Gremlins’ has a little more to it, adding drum programming, with a hesitant kick and shuffle and a revolving synth line, it seeks to build the tension by increments and has small changes in patterns.



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