Epstein/Jaytram/Prefuse 73 – Epstein Remixed (Asthmatic Kitty)


Released as a pay-what-you-want download, this album-length batch of remixes is split between two artists. Well, three, including New York producer Roberto Lange, whose work as Epstein full-length is the raw material. His remixers are Yeasayer drummer Jason Trammell (Jaytram) and Scott Herren (Prefuse 73), each providing his own spin on dreamy, resonant glitch.

Jaytram’s six versions range from squishy and sinister (“Learning Dream”) to restless and flitting (“Joy Me”). There are snippets of rapping, movie samples, and other forms of vocals, with a hip-hop influence threading through his contributions. Everything flows beautifully from song to song, culminating in the cool control of “Passing Threw”.

No stranger to the kaleidoscopic and psychedelic, Prefuse 73 works a familiar magic with the following seven tunes. The first, “Moda de hormig” is murky and searching, recalling shorted circuits and mingled currents. Abuzz and soon thrumming, “Enfermo abrazos” is crowded with percussion, while “Un mont’n de flotando” mines soulful glitch and “Temporal tempo” nails that same scrambled effect. The closing two tracks are more serene and subdued, wandering towards something different altogether.

All the lines are blurred here: those between collaborators, various source materials, and even the two remixers, who complement each other so well while redefining everything they touch.

Doug Wallen


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