Chemins – Impasse (cheminsgroup)


At last, they are no longer faceless, or at least this Finnish bunch has a representative, M. Heinonen. Finally they are someone. Not that a listeners experience is changed at all by attachment to identity, but as a sense of correspondence it pleased me no end. This ep, which is neither a continuation of the CDR series, nor a preview of a forthcoming album in 2011, it represents its namesake, an experiment, a series of turns on ideas, leading to an impasse. It at the very least suggests a destination, or the idea of a path towards, but that form of expression can be at the least formulaic at the most prescient, depending on your outlook.

It opens with a static switch start, warm synth, and jagged attack electricity, added tonal layers and tuned static. Bringing in waves of solid sound held in the air, then brief guitar displays. They get the sound humming and a sense of shape or direction, but it may be only moving between phrases that give it this sense. A strict reading of sound as non representative mays reduce all utterances to sonic forms without any semantic meaning, but that is not where the music leads you. Seven minutes in, the palette becomes full; ideas stream together and assault the ear, modulated plink plonk, harsh static, sharp disjunctive tones. Certainly if you were of the idea to destroy all rational thought this could be your soundtrack, then it melts into a melodic electronic keyboard section which could be described as delightful, or perhaps the assault merely primed appreciation of a gentler world, it moves towards finale with the residue of the static extinguishing slowly.



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