Flying Scribble – We Are Chameleon (Queensilver)


There’s something beautiful, almost magical about the music of Melbourne duo Flying Scribble. They sound like no one else, there’s few references. They’re not one of these derivative bands, referencing the past. That said there is something old about them, something lasting. It might be due to their use of the organ in this popcorn digital world, which of course conjures up either religious or perhaps 70’s rock and fusion references depending on your bent. But none of it sticks. Their opener Puzzlemind feels like an invitation into their unique world, like the bloke at the entrance to a carnival, enticing us in with offers of the joys contained within. Of course there aren’t blokes here, it’s a strictly female affair, Louise on vocals and organ, Gray on percussion, and they play like one entity. It’s minimal music but they fill the space effortlessly sounding like there’s four or five members.

Perhaps the other thing to note is that Louise can really sing, like few in the indie rock community really can, perhaps she’s trained, who knows, but it’s a really distinctive sound and because of this incredible instrument that they can effortlessly cross numerous genres of music. It was mixed by local indie producer of choice Cornel Wilczek (QUA) and it sounds incredible, more than equivalent to their live show. They really have this ability to craft these incredible hooks, non formulaic pop, quirky, distinctive, uplifting ditties that build and build before changing direction and you realise the genius of these girls. A winding organ riff appears and then suddenly there’s a heartfelt emotional song behind it. But that’s what they do, and in their hands it feels easy. Live they’re amazing and whilst there’s always some trepidation when a great live band release their debut LP you hope it will do them justice. In this case it’s exceeded it and they’ve created something really special and lasting.

Bob Baker Fish


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