Chemins – #3 (Cheminsgroup)


Finnish project Chemins return to tempt with their particular brand of mysterious anonymity. They are keen to use the internet to breed the sense of curious distance in the listener. The music itself only amplifies this tendency in their preference for recording and releasing long tracks with titles that avail of few handles to grasp onto for understanding. This installment is called The ovary of the future. Your guess as to it’s portent is as good as mine.

Musically it is a drone like journey, guitars and synth played and manipulated until their traditional intonation has dissolved. Combined this with field recordings, electronic glitches, high end digital static and what sounds like Tibetan prayer bowls; but could easily be another instrument reshaped into the sonic form. The sound of the gong just over half way through announces a busier ambience, which equates to more parts defining the warm blissed out static tones and moving into a hushed gurgling tonal cycle with a low water like trickle of sound. Then after a hush there gathers a final movement, pulsing tone synth action, which a church organ like reverence, scattering effects and chirping little melodic flourishes.



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