Shlohmo – Shlomoshun Deluxe (FoF Music)


Shlomoshun Deluxe

Part of the new breed of talented producers, Shlohmo has emerged as not just another copiest of wonky, post-Dilla, FlyLo beat science, the 19 year old LA native initially gave his Shlomoshun EP away free on the internet. Re-released here combining new and old tracks, and a couple of remixes from friends for good measure, giving us a compilation digital release Shlomoshun Deluxe on the Friends Of Friends label.

Shlohmo, aka Henry Laufer places his sound somewhere between IDM/electronica, hip hop and emerging bass heavy experiments, the difference here is the lush complex sound blanket is produced by relatively lo-fi, fragile old equipment. In Henry’ own words: “The album was made suuuper lo-fi, most recordings were done through the audio-in port on my laptop, field recordings with the laptop mic or my iPod mic/recorder, a lot of synth sounds came from my Roland SH201 and my Dad’ old Roland Jupiter 6, plugged straight into my laptop. All the noise was run from the headphone port out to these monitors that I’ve had since I was 14. The tweeters are all pushed in and there’ absolutely no audible low end, so I have to physically touch the woofer to feel the vibrations from the bass and master it that way…”

For such a young producer, being aligned with luminaries like Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing and Ras G, only means bigger things to come, as his productions are being lauded around the globe for the diversity of sound, from the overloaded synths usually sported by Starkey and Joker etc, to the 8bit melodies of Disrupt or Ikonika. Shlohmo stanps his originality on everything, with hints of others, but no one quite captures the cinematic vibe he has achieved.

With remix contributions from Tokimonsta, devonwho, Fulgeance and Low Limit, I urge you get onboard with Shlohmo.

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