Various Artists – Hit Machine XIVVII (Gooey On The Inside)


Since their formation back in May 2007, Melbourne-based duo Gooey On The Inside (aka Holly Fluxx and Kati Cubby) have been responsible for organising parties and art exhibitions (including an installation space at this year’s Electrofringe festival), whilst also somehow finding time to fit in graphic design work, a quarterly magazine and a blog that continues to generate a substantial fanbase. This debut 14 track unmixed CD compilation ‘Hit Machine XIVVII’ (packed in a lavish Dual Plover sleeve complete with sew on patch and fold-out poster) sees Gooey On The Inside expanding into a record label and collects together contributions from likeminded collaborations ranging from around Australia, to Japan and Chile. As the retina-dazzling fluoro sleeve art here suggests, this compilation sees Fluxx and Cubby concentrating on more retro-styled hiphop, synth-pop and rave styles, with the tracklisting here pretty much jumping all over the place, in enjoyable ADD-raddled style.

If OTT’s opening ‘Gold Star’ suggests a Modular meets Ministry Of Sound-esque trip ahead with its fusion of coolly detached Electroclash vocals and clicking tech-house rhythms, it’s nicely countered by Julia Rose’s side-step into vintage-sounding Latino electro-hiphop on the block party-worthy ‘Trato’, and the burbling, playful ‘Up Against The World’ synth pop meets Slits-esque punky vocals of Kt Spit’s ‘Up Against The World.’ Elsewhere, Pandie unleashes some hardcore house-meets 8bit gamecore sounds complete with pounding kickdrums with ‘Ur Magic’ , before Toxic Lipstick take things out into distorted noisy sampling and shouted pop vocals with ‘Horse 4eva’ (taken from last year’s ‘Poopin’ mini-album) and Pig & Machine’s savage breakcore-fuelled noise workout on ‘Dry And Crusty On The Outside (But Gooey On The Inside).’ If you’re a fan of the aforementioned Toxic Lipstick, then you pretty much already know what sorts of hyperactive antics to expect here, and in this case ‘Hit Machine XIVVII’ offers up an occasionally knowingly cheesy dose of noise that goes down a treat. Pack your red cordial.

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