Yui Onodera – Entropy (Trumn)



Entropy was originally released on Yui Onodera’ Critical Path label in 2005 and consists of ten minimal ambient pieces constructed in 2004-2005. Onodera’ highly processed use of field recordings, electronics and guitar constructs these electro-acoustic environments which elicit and reflect a meditative state. ‘Track one’ builds its sonic texture into a threshold pulse drone affair. ‘Track two’ is more concerned with the manipulation of field recordings and their acoustic possibilities, gradually building resonant trails. ‘Track Three’ is a wavering intense microtonal piece bordering on reverent postures. ‘Track Four’ opens up a lighter space with its sharp high tones and the play of their longevity as bright sonic planes. ‘Track Five’ opens up more sonic static and glitch domains. A brief description of all the other tracks on the album would reveal them to be of the order of complex minimal microsound environments familiar to listeners of contemporary electronic ambient. The packaging on this release is excellent as well, hard stock card printed with photography by Erica Lai, holds to the minimal aesthetic presenting maximum content. Yui Onodera clearly demonstrates here his ability to create impressive sonic effect with a quiet presence of subtle variations and control.



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