Various Artists – Dillanthology 1: Dilla’s Productions For Various Artists (Rapster/Inertia)


Dillanthology 1

This is a great compilation, and makes a good introduction to the work of J.Dilla. The last few years have seen a mass of material released from the vaults of this prolific producer, mainly instrumental, so its great to see his productions for others represented as one compilation.

Its not until you combine these tracks that you realise the influence he has had on some of the best moments of hip hop history, the legacy he has left, and the immense influence his music has had on many new producers, and not just within hip hop. Dilla has an undeniable talent for placing his music so well with the vocalists he has worked with, its the perfect marriage in most cases.

All the gems are here, the laid back genius of The Pharcyde with ‘Runnin” and ‘Drop’, the summer feel of ‘Stakes Is High’ by De La Soul, the skewed reality of Busta Rhymes’ ‘Show Me What You Got’s and ‘Hip Hop Quotable’ by A.G. and Aloe Blacc, to the sweet soul of Erykah Badu’s ‘Didn’t Cha Know’ and ‘I Believe In You’ by Amp Fiddler.

It’s when J.Dilla is put in a context with some of hip hop’s legendary vocalists, that you really begin to hear the genius.

Wayne Stronell


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