Various Artists – All Killer. Finders Keepers Records 1-20 Mixed By The Gaslamp Killer (Twisted Nerve/Finders Keepers)


All Killer mixed by the GLK

Andy Votel, Dom Thomas and Doug Shipton seem to be obsolutely obsessed with uncovering rare, unheard or forgotten music from the past, and between them their seems to be no limit to what they can find, from every corner of the globe. Released on Twisted Nerve, one of UK’s truely independant labels, still consistently releasing quality original quality releases 10 years on. Tracks have been culled from the first 20 releases from sub-labels Finders Keepers and B-Music, setup specifically to concentrate on reissueing lost gems from the past. With this mixed cd, they have engaged The Gaslamp Killer to weave his magic, being a fellow music obsessive from the US, but they didn’t have to send him a thing, he already had been collecting every release from the Finders Keepers and B-Music catalogue, and was more than familiar with the nuggets to be found on each release.

The best thing about this cd is the selection is spot on. I have found some of the reissues difficult to listen to from start to finish, each release having one or two tracks of complete gold, but the rest hasn’t excited me, The Gaslamp Killer has plucked all the great moments and thrown them into his melting pot, mixing them together in his own style, creating a true psychedelic journey for the body and mind, and having very similar taste in the breaks he has chosen, the ride for me is a thoroughly enjoyable one. All the best included here from Lubos Fiser, John Hill, Jan Jankeje, Spectre, Chris Harwood, Susan Christie, Jean-Jacques Dexter, Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Drum Orchestra, Jean-Claude Vannier, Stanley Myers, Omega, Sevil and Ayla, Zafer Dilek, Yamasuki, Sarolta Zalatnay, Selda, Ersen, Pierre Cavalli, Vampires of Dartmoore, Mustafa …zkent, The Stylers, Jir’ Slitr & Jir’ Sust, and Bruno Spoerri.

Another brilliant mix from The Gaslamp Killer, being true to the originals, giving an accurate sample of what the Finders Keepers and B-Music back catalogue is all about. I snapped this up straight away, without question, and am not disappointed in the slightest. A very limited 7″ has also just been released containing The Gaslamp Killers megamix on the a-side, and his re-edit of Zalim by Ersen, but this was a little disappointing, not really hitting the mark.

Both releases are available from the Finders Keepers online store, or at your friendly independant store, if you ask them nicely.

Wayne Stronell


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