Adam Trainer – Twice Worn (HellosQuarerecordings)


Twice worn

Adam Trainer, member of the Perth indie band Radarmaker and presenter on RTR FM, presents a debut album Twice Worn combining instrumental and processed sounds as a unified entity. Introductory track ‘South China Sea Two’ fuses soft and melancholy piano movements with glitch interruptions. Static tones and melodic interplay are essentially the order of the day for Trainer where cutup meets instrument meets field recordings meets laptop. While some tracks are drones overlapping and intertwining, others find brighter instrumental sounds holding the foreground while the interplay of experimentation shades the corners of Trainers world. Long drawn out vocals On ‘Cabrini Green’, almost a subtle wail, in a Radioheadesque manner, are manipulated as tonal abstraction rather than intonation. ‘South China Sea One’ is the albums standout track with a coherent melodic guitar instrumental combined with insistent static and electronic interference jostling without upsetting the experience.

The sense of collage and minimal technology promoting maximal experience is high on these glitched out minimal collages and would appeal to listeners familiar with the works of Fennesz, Phillip Jeck or Candlesnuffer.



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