Filastine – Dirty Bomb (Soot Records)


The idea of a new Filastine record is an exciting one, his particular style sitting somewhere between a tangle of electronics, acoustic percussion, and his modernist take on riddim culture. He’s a sought after man these days, more than 60 gigs last year alone, from tiny breakcore parties in Osaka, to massive crowds at the Boulevards festival in Casablanca, always firing on all cylinders no matter the size of the audience, pleasing the crowd with his stage presence, even following in experimentalists Einsturzende Neubauten’s footsteps by amplifying a shopping cart for live performances.

Dirty bomb is a dirty bomb, dropping riddims on every track, tinged with eastern influences, unusual instrumentation and dancehall rhythms designed to blow up dancefloors. Featuring a great range of very talented vocalists and MC’, Rabah, Jessika Skeletalia Kenney, Malena D’Alessio, La Perla, ECD and our own talented indigenous Wire MC. Musically, Filastine lays down a gritty transnational soundclash of urban rhythms, splicing dubstep with balkan brass, hip-hop with bollywood, inserting generous doses of politically charged spoken word.

A great album, but don’ expect break-core mayhem, it’s far more focused than that, containing more complex rhythms, and uplifting vocal contributions. Miss this at your own risk.

Check out his new ep on Shockout with partner Maga Bo as Sonar Calibrado, or catch them live if you can, as they are currently touring Australia extensively.

Wayne Stronell


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