DJ Scotch Egg – KFC Core (Adaadat)


KFC Core breaks straight into it, no nonsense digi-breakcore with old-school synth sounds that reach straight into your bassy bits. Abrasive hot pink on white packaging with a hand-drawn crying egg-man dancing in a kilt next to a bucket of the Colonels special and surrounded by pokemon-style figures carries the content of this disc perfectly. The pop in dj scotch eggs’ world is so hard it hurts. Scotch Chicken the opening track is a nasty synth and beat progression accompanied by distorted screams that opens the door to dj scotch eggs’ perverse pallette. It is glaringly easy at some stages to identify the influence or cross-pollination of Scotch Eggs’ label mate Germlin although Scotch seems to have a more sophisticated possibly purist approach; reeking of the days when gabba was made live on trackers with the mighty Amiga 500 and filtered with the modern day ability to easily manipulate and drop samples with the greatest of ease. The KFC song adds a brief barbershop-impro touch in the midst of the electro-fetish which is a nice, if brief and out of place return to humanity before Scotch Attack lays all before the speakers to waste with hyper-glitch, chip-doom at break neck speed. This album is awesome loud and the mastering has a part to play in it’s relative sonic cleanliness despite the often abrasive mixes. There is also an embedded ‘chicken-theme’ which i don’t really get, but hey it’s called KFC Core for a reason right? Also a blindingly fast disc at just over 30 minutes it is good, if not a little weird to see breakcore getting a well-presented and conscientious treatment at the hands of independent labels and artists.

Scot Cotterrell


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