World’s End Girlfriend – The Lie Lay Land (Noble)


worlds end girlfriend

Katsuhiko Maeda is one of the least-known and best members of Japan’s avant-garde electronic scene. To define his music is almost impossible, but it’s insanely difficult to come by outside of Japan, so it’s worth a try.
If you’re looking, he can be found releasing as World’s End Girlfriend, World’s End Boyfriend and Wonderland Falling Tomorrow – at least. A remix for Com.A and a couple of tracks on ROMZ Records’ Let’s I Love You compilation compilation are where it’s been easiest to find WEG, but there are a good few albums and EPs out there as well.
A multi-instrumentalist inspired by classical music, who started experimenting with tape recorders in his pre-teens, World’s End Girlfriend tends to cram his releases (and indeed individual tracks) full of all his influences all at once. But don’t assume that means it’s a hodge-podge; it works. He’s quite capable of chopping the beats with the best in the drill’n’bass/breakcore world, and he’s a maestro at cut’n’paste glitchery; but there are also limpid neo-classical arrangements, acoustic guitar interludes, and massive metal moments.
The Lie Lay Land mixes all of the above into a potent brew. Sure, the breakcore moments are few, and the glitchery remains fairly subtle, but the songwriting is more coherent and mature than ever. There are moments of awesome 6/8 riffage and machine-gun beats which recall Sheffield’s 65daysofstatic, but that’s about the only point of comparison other than WEG himself. That said, the Japanese scene is where this music sits best, with a little less of the feyness and post-Bacharach over-sweetness that always seems to creep in.
Worth every one of your import bucks.


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  1. Also, be sure to check out her solo stuff as Piana on the albums “Snowbird” and “Emphemeral”. Exquiste!

  2. Sounds awesome, will check out.
    However, World’s End Girlfriend is one (male) person, so I don’t think it’s the same person. Maybe part of the same circles though.


    Through participation on albums and live performances with World’ End Girlfriend, she has been fascinating many people with her delicate, cute and unique voice and musical talent as Piana.

  3. Right you are. I just assumed she was part of the outfit. I have two Piana releases – both are recommended. Might play some on the radio tonight!
    Cheers Peter,