Thembi Soddell – Instance (Cajid)


Her first cd was a dark jarring work that explored intimacy in the form of abstract textures of sound and violently abrupt shifts in dynamics. It was a compelling frightening work, alluding to a disquieting darkness that lies within us all. Instance like its predecessor operates in near silence for long periods of time, only to unexpectedly erupt into a short jagged burst of sound, or slowly building before being silenced just before the climax. It’s impossible to relax, or even get the volumes right and these abrupt jumps in volume and the introduction of new textures seem purposely designed to unsettle. This is despite the fact that many of the sounds, textures, and drones are particularly interesting. Also some of the developments could become quite seductive in Soddell wasn’t so determined to keep things edgy. Yet this in itself is seductive, the darkness, the lack of compromise, the violent ruptures. Instance is based on her dreams after all. And with this in mind it’s hard not to fear for her sanity.


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