Statler & Waldorf – AndroNovaVirus (Ghost/MRA)


Statler & Waldorf

Not to be confused with the excellent Danish label, or for that matter the recalcitrant Muppet duo, this Brisbane outfit have set themselves up as Australia’ answer to the Chemical Brothers or the Prodigy. Ambitiously described in their press release as “one of the country’ premier live dance acts,” this is the same duo that produced Idol wannabes Chanel Cole and Daniel Belle, so you know what you’re really dealing with. This is lowest common denominator music, all boxes ticked. Blue MC’ even here.

A Dynamix II ripoff vocal – via Infusion, I guess – starts the album on industrial-lite opener You Again. Next track, the duo pitch themselves as the Resistance with pearls like “We’re the resistance / Against your global machine / We’re the resistance / And there is no vaccine … Corrupt the system’ over a trance/new school breaks beat. All admirable, if hardly Snog level subversion. But then it turns into bad hip house.

The duo clumsily press play on a sample from Sarah Blasko’s Don’ U Eva every now and again on Way With Words, Blasko’ voice is strangely at home over electro beats, but the music is just so generic.

Painful, preset, mundane and monotonous. If this is the only resistance to our system, then it’s no wonder Australia is so conservative right now.

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Matthew Levinson