Leighton Craig – 11 Easy Pieces (Kindling)


While the Casio might have been used as a tool of evil for many of us during childhood and schooling, you can rest assured that there are musicians out there looking to rectify this negative memory association. Amongst them is Brisbane’ Leighton Craig who has crafted a simple and direct statement, a love letter almost, to the possibilities of tones, melody, gentle effects and the wonders of lo-fi keyboards, amongst them the Casio. “11 Easy Pieces’ is just that – a series of amazingly focused, playful keyboard works that seem to jubilantly celebrate the potentials of synthesis. “Comet’s acts as a lovely heart to this recording and perhaps sums up much of the overall compositional framework Leighton is working with here. Reminiscent occasionally of the glee contained in Raymond Scott’s “Soothing Sounds For Baby’ and some other early electronic compositions – this record is primitive in the best way possible – an easy and altogether a highly satisfying listening situation!

Lawrence English