Funckarma – Refurbished One (n5md/Couchblip) / Elaztiq Bourbon 5 (Sending Orbs)


A new album from Dutch duo Don & Roel Funcken is long overdue. The undeniable kings of the idm world, the brothers have concentrated for some time on 12″s and compilation appearances under a bewildering number of number of pseudonyms (including 2005’s “Mystery Artist” release on Skam).
So these two releases should be a most welcome addition to the collections of anyone interested in contemporary electronica. Neither are really new albums: refurbished one collects remixes done by the boys between 2001 and 2004, while Elaztiq Bourbon 5 compiles three 12″s between 2001 and 2003.
The remix collection is not surprisingly the more varied release; but that said, the sound throughout is consistently Funckarma’s. Many of the tracks here feature the pair’s extraordinarily complex rhythm programming, and the mastering brings out the incredibly tight bass, anchoring the tracks throughout. It might seem that melody isn’t their strong-point, with the focus on beats and harmonic textures, but when gifted with a track like Plaid’s “Cold” they come up trumps.
Meanwhile, the three 12″s that make up Elaztiq Bourbon 5 contain some of Funckarma’s best work so far, and Sending Orbs deserve full points for rereleasing them on CD. In particular “Lignite”, from dub records’ Part 5, combines beautiful cold synth pads with a deceptively simple 6/8 beat which mutates via every available permutation of effect and syncopation into a virtuoso drum solo that has to be heard to be believed.


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