Bjork vs Bogdan Raczynski – Who Is It? (Shooting Stars & Asteroids mix) (Rephlex/Inertia)


Well, what can I say? I was truly expecting to hate this. I’d heard some samples and was like “Meh, bleeps and silly Bogdan beats”, but I’d already ordered the 12″. I also already knew the other news: it’s just a one-track 12″; one side is at 45rpm and the other at 33rpm.

But hey, how wrong could I be? Bogdan pulls it off, and in fine kooky style. He introduces it in half-computer voice, giving its name and all, and then it launches into the first pass of the song, with wandering almost-baroque synth lines and his trademark drill’n’bass-meets-electro beats. He’s completely reimagined the harmonies here, but the excerpt I heard didn’t do it justice. The chorus doesn’t quite go where you want it to, but there are some gorgeously bizarre reworkings in the verses. Then it stops, and robot-Bogdan comes back in, in a move that ought to be too cute for school, but actually kinda works. “OK now, this is where it goes in outer space”, he says, and so it does. The beats remain, but the accompaniment is now floating organ chords, harmonising this time à la Bjork, and it’s stunning.

One track on a 12″? “Just a remix?” Nope, bucko, this is the real thing.


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