Arek Gulbenkoglu – Points Alone (Impermanent Recordings)


Like many sound artists Arek Gulbenkoglu views silence as a potent sonic tool, meaning that much of Points Alone is strictly headphone music or music for active listening. The cover, some vague stills from Pia Borg or even the track titles, points 1-5 provide little context or indication of how to approach this work or even how the sound was produced. Which leaves the listener alone to indulge in their own wild fantasies about Gulbenkoglu’ motivations. There are some very interesting textures at play here, which burst quickly from silence into prominence and then quickly dissipate, just as we’re starting to enjoy the ride. He is very clearly operating with electrics though using them as textural devices, abruptly, yet not violently rousing the listener from their own thoughts into his textural creations. With piercing tones, crumpling electronics and sounds of unidentified movement it all comes across as sound art’s equivalent of show and tell, as each sonic element is presented, passed around, occasionally abruptly cut before beginning again and then retreating into silence, which is ultimately the frame onto which everything else is applied. It’s austere difficult work and don’ count on Gulbenkoglu’ help in sorting it out.


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