Beauchamp Falls interview by Seb Chan


A lot of demos arrive at Cyclic Defrost headquarters.. Most come in hand written CD cases and a good proportion of these reveal their all-too-reverent influences immediately. But every so often a demo arrives that begs further attention. Beauchamp Falls is the alter ego of Melbourne duo Simon Hudson and Joel Harmsworth.

When did Beauchamp Falls come together and kick off?

Beauchamp started sometime in 2001. We had known each other for a while and were always talking along the same lines – a particular sound to aim for rather than just randomly writing tracks. Even going by images or concepts like plants, androids and the like. It also stemmed partly from us trying to hunt down music that we wanted to hear, and had had no luck – ‘it’d be great to have something like x or y’. Especially old film soundtracks. synth based soundtracks.

We were in Noise which was good as it pushed us to finish a lot of songs off, and was the first time our music was broadcasted out to the public. We then got a slap across the face via Biftek and their glowing Wink award (best unsigned electronic act). Biftek are great. We love them.

The demo you sent thru to us was really polished and that extended from the music to the sleeve itself. how many of these were made? was it really just supposed to be a demo or a micro-release?

Those demo’s are a killer to make due to the packaging. We distribute them as soon as we get a new batch made, mostly to other artists. The demo is part of an entire album that we finished a few years back, Dicotyledon. Overall we got caught up in travelling and life, and hence never pimped that much out to labels or the media. Which we’re regretting now. It should have been released. And will. We should have just brought it out as a micro-release as you say, thats a good idea. We’ve definitely learnt how to make an album stagnate – we’re actually really good at that. We’re hoping to do the reverse with our new material. Dicotyledon we’ll still release somehow, somewhere. Maybe via the net or something.

What is happening now? is there going to be a proper album? has there been any interest form any labels?

We’ve got a new album in the works (Gunhead) with a heap of tracks that we’re really excited about. It’s been almost 2 years since we finished Dicotyledon and we’re now finally at the point where we feel like we’ve got enough tracks to start pulling together for another album. We seem to consistently spew forth snippits of audio though never really stop to push them further. I guess its the tracks that hold our attention that we do end up completing. Though its taking alot of time you know, especially when trying to find new sounds in our old equipment. Even tracks we love fall behind as they just aint going to cut in terms of the sounds we have at hand. I guess we want to release Gunhead with a bang. Not some half baked laptop made ep. So yeah, we’ll hit the brakes soon on writing new material and really get to work refining the tracks we’ve got. We’re really into them and don’t want to stuff them up. Hoping to release it early next year. We’re also scoring various short films this year, and slowly putting together a fake cyberpunk soundtrack. Cyberpunk music is so friggen good it makes us want to explode.


Hah! Yeah Cyberpunk is real dorky, though in a good way. Sure, admittedly it’s been done really badly in many instances, and some of the imagery people put out makes us want to puke, but there’s a really rich, dark and textured side to it that we love. And if you look back at the genre its got some great stuff. You know, it all seems pretty techno-ish and cliched, and we struggle to describe this, but we love it. Ever since the start cyberpunk has been a fundamental pillar of where Beauchamp is at.


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