Funckarma at Frigid


Holland’s Funckarma are playing at Frigid this Sunday.

Imagine if Autechre stopped experimenting around the time of Amber. That’s sort of what Funckarma sounds like. Angluar, clean, slightly melodic, snappy electro-informed beats – that kind of stuff. In a world of imitators they are probably one of the best and their releases of the DUB label are killer. (Side note – does anyone have the real story on Djak Up Bitch vs Djax Up Beats – both are Dutch labels the latter being a pretty decent mid 90s Detroit inspired acid and techno label run by Saskia Slegers?)

Even better are their spikey hip hop beats for hip hop crew the Shadow Huntaz. I didn’t really rate the rapping or rhymes – I don’t rate very much hip hop these days – but the beats are great, and I hope that Funckarma drop a few instrumentals in their live set.


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