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L’EIX – Empra Mots (Audiotalaia)

L’EIX is an electro-acoustic trio based in Barcelona. On their debut record, Empra Mots (which only features 2/3 of the trio contributing), L’EIX prudently cross lush, dreamy acoustic guitar passages with electronic soundscapes in an unobtrusive fashion.

Empra Mots is a minimal affair in which space and stasis are integral to the atmosphere constructed on each piece. The acoustic guitar, for most of this record, is played with a focus on simple melodies and chord voicing’s. Guitarist Ferran Fages supplements this simplicity though with free-form rhythms and dynamics that are determined by gesture. Opposite member, Orio Rossell, counters Fages pastoral guitar passages with electronic textures that fluctuate from being sparse crackles, clicks, stutters and pops to dense low frequencies that pulsate and drone at the bottom of the mix.

L’EIX’s Empra Mots is neatly crafted and well executed. Both artists have a clear conceptual underpinning when creating music and it is exemplified readily throughout the album with conviction and honesty.

– Luke Bozzetto


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