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Herrmutt Lobby – Haters Gonna Hate (Eat Concrete)

Herrmutt Lobby

Centred around a shadowy Brussels-based collective of software developers and hardware builders, Herrmutt Lobby first appeared a couple of years back on Eat Concrete with their Bassfudge Powerscones EP, and two years on this follow-up EP Haters Gonna Hate sees them offering up four new tracks that veer distinctly towards leftfield hip-hop tempered with thick analogue bass funk. ‘Alt Of Ctrl’ opens proceedings with the sort of thick, treacly boom-bap beats and faded out synth atmospheres you’d associate with the likes of Clams Casino, as clattering trashcan snares boom away against glittering gamecore electronics and opulent swelling soul atmosphere, before ‘Computer Club’ unleashes a more dub-centred aesthetic as ragga samples get cut up and scattered over thick, swaggering sub-bass, sudden sampled King Tubby-esque drum breakdowns and a gritty background wash of digitally-treated sounds. Elsewhere, ‘Major Grubert’s shifts from an opening section of clattering Latin percussion into the sorts of thick Moog swells, warm burbling electronics and snapping laidback hip-hop breaks you’d expect from Luke Vibert, in what’s easily the most space-funk oriented offering here. There seem to be a million and one people pursuing these sorts of sounds these days, but Herrmutt Lobby do it better than most.

Chris Downton


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