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Shivastep – Shivastep EP (Track Number / Bandcamp)


Formerly known as Spectacles, Los Angeles-based electronic producer Shivastep (real name Sean Nelson) operates somewhere between the boundaries of hip-hop, juke and dubstep, fashioning deeply textured and frequently dark tracks that even see occasional hints of witch-house’s spooky rattle rising to the surface. This debut self-titled download-only EP certainly manages to pack in plenty of action into its six tracks. ‘Superbass’ offers up a suitably opulent opening as glittering synth arrangements build into a spectacular sweeping crescendo against cut-up MC samples and twitchy footwork rhythms, treated vocal harmonics adding a sense of digi-funk before dark dubstep bass drops drag things off into more moody territory. ‘Excess’ meanwhile opts for a crunked-out electro wander that sees spidery 808s clicking away against eerie robotic vocal samples and ominous pitched-down synths in what’s easily the most witch-house shaded offering here, before ‘Lustdance’ sees fragments of female soul vocals being cut-up and pitchshifted against a curiously latin-tinged backing of rattling percussion and doomy synth atmospheres. An impressive debut EP that comes across as fresher many other dubstep / footwork fusions I’ve heard in the recent months. You can download Shivastep’s debut EP for free from

Chris Downton


  • Lindsey Pearson

    His name is actually Sean Nelson :)

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