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Paradigm Shift June 21, 2010 – the second last show ever

The Paradigm Shift is coming to an end after 15 years.

The show started in 1995 when 2SER was just beginning a long run where it embraced the underground dance music of the era. At the time we had been doing shows on Radio Skid Row and were involved in the free party scene and the tail-end of underground rave. Jungle, drum & bass, and trip hop were flourishing – and we were mixing them with the latest IDM, early glitch, and oddness from various electronic labels. The show was scheduled to run in the afternoon just before the long running hip hop show – The Mothership Connection. At the time the Mothership Connection was hosted by Miguel d’Souza who eventually passed it on to Mark Pollard (Stealth Magazine). The early years of the Paradigm Shift were particularly exciting for the cross-pollenation of genres between the two communities of listeners. In fact, from the show came our long running club night, Frigid which ran from 1996 to 2006, as well as the series of Freaky Loops CDs and fundraisers.

Here’s what we played on the second last show – mainly from the mid 90s.

DJ Shadow – Lost & Found (Headz, Mo Wax)
DJ Krush – Kemuri (Strictly Turntabilised, Mo Wax)
Frederick Cutter – The First Cut Is The Dopest (Love Story) (Home Brews Volume 1, MDS)
Invisibl Skratch Piklz – Invasion of the Octopus People (Return of the DJ Volume 1, Bomb)
DJ QBert – Redworm (Wave Twisters, Galactic Butt Hair)
Elementz of Noize – Hit The Deck (Nu Skool Flava, SOUR)
Photek – N-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu, Virgin)
Tortoise – Galapagos (remix by Springheel Jack) (Remixed, Thrill Jockey Japan)
The Irresistible Force – Symphony in E (Flying High, Rising High)
Moonrock – Ill Street Blues (Home Brews Volume 2, MDS)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Paradise Now (Now EP, Wax Trax)
Aphex Twin – Xtal (Selected Ambient Works 85-92, R&S)
µ-Ziq – Iesope (Tang N’Vectif, Planet Mu)

It’s been a great ride and Luke popped it up on Soundcloud.

Paradigm Shift radio show – 2nd last ever show feat Seb Snarl! by lukesnarl

Make sure you tune in for Luke’s finale next week.


  • Todd Baker

    The Paradigm Shift, Frigid, Cyclic Defrost and Mr n Mrs Snarl have been instrumental in the Sydney electronic music sceen…

    Thanks for all the great times.

  • Richard Byers

    I second that comment from Todd, the eco-system that was all those elements was and is very unique, and forged directions and memories for countless people, including myself. Mr n Mrs Snarl should be proud of all their offspring… of course I wish them the best as they forge they’re own new directions and break new ground, again.. you deserve both deserve medals for the continued long running effort, quality and inspiration. cheers to you!

  • Gavin Smith

    Dear P_Shifters, its been a buzz to hear your work over quite some time…invariably conciousness-amending and sometimes erasing, diverse, quixotic, amusing, well-spaced…in all, a great journey. Thanx.

  • Seb Chan

    The tracklisting for tonight is now up! Thanks for listening. Tune in next week for Luke’s grand finale!

  • LukeSnarl
  • Andrez

    Oh jeez, the end of an era for sure – you guys always rock my world. Quite simply: THANK YOU.

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